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  1. Gilly?

    Stickied The Last Film You Saw Thread (& Discussion)

    Halloween It was a bit meh for me, it felt a bit lazy. Like it couldn't decide whether they wanted Michael to stalk slaggy teens like in the original Halloween or just walk down the road and butcher absolute nobodies. All I can really say with any degree of accuracy is Michael Myers isn't scary...
  2. Gilly?

    The Walking Thread

    Boring yet again.
  3. Gilly?

    The Boxing Thread

    Johnson admitted to freezing when he dropped Beterbiev. Shame because Johnson is a good finisher, maybe he's set the blueprint on how to beat him?
  4. Gilly?

    Champions League 2018/19

    Don't rate that PSG side, Tuchel clearly can't get his front three to do any sort of work outside of on the ball stuff, he's really not that stupid is he?
  5. Gilly?

    The Boxing Thread

    BJS would cause all kinds of issues for Canelo to the point where I think he could beat him. Would have to be out of Vegas though.
  6. Gilly?

    The Boxing Thread

    Gave GGG 8 rounds to Canelo's 4, incredibly close right though.
  7. Gilly?

    Match Day Liverpool v West Ham, Sunday 12 August 13:30

    Good performance, Keita looks a baller. Gomez was very good but got caught ball watching a few times. Trent's long diagonals are brilliant to get attacks starting. I'll be quietly optimistic this season for some sort of success.
  8. Gilly?

    Stickied The Last Film You Saw Thread (& Discussion)

    Deadpool 2 So good, laughed my head off at numerous parts. I reckon I enjoyed it more than the first one. 8.5/10.
  9. Gilly?

    Stickied The Last Film You Saw Thread (& Discussion)

    Unsane Blatant republican has a stalker who follows her to a mental health facility when she decided against reading the terms and conditions of some paperwork. Really enjoyed it, would watch again. 7/10. The Lost Boys It's aged badly but it's still bloody good. 8/10. A Quiet Place A family...
  10. Gilly?

    The Ultimate Darts thread!

    Would like to see Lewis get back his old self in the Matchplay.
  11. Gilly?

    The Horror Thread

    Thought it was ace, really good fun.
  12. Gilly?

    The Boxing Thread

    Josh Taylor does Viktor Postol on points, it was a great scrap. Thought it was a huge risk putting him in with someone who stopped Matthysse but Taylor took his punches, dropped him in the 10th and edged it. The points say it was a bit of a walk over but thanks to the knockdown I had Taylor a...
  13. Gilly?

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2018/19

    Paul Joyce says Fekir to Liverpool is pretty much done. £48.4m with £4.4m in add-ons. Be interesting to see how Liverpool line up next season, Klopp could stick to the 4-3-3 we've been used to or we could see the 4-2-3-1 he used at Dortmund. So many possibilities. Exciting times ahead.
  14. Gilly?

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2018/19

    That rumour seems to be making the rounds, I think Shaqiri still has plenty to offer. With better players around him I think he'd be handy for anyone in the league. Especially at the £12 touted. Also seen Liverpool linked with the world's fastest dwarf in Moses Simon. Whoever he is.
  15. Gilly?

    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2018/19

    Exciting times ahead, another centre back and a goal keeper next please. Could do with another wide player also because if Salah and Mane are out we have no real pace out there. Still a lot to do but it's a cracking start.
  16. Gilly?

    What are you listening to right now?

    Had the new Plan B album on repeat. Superb.
  17. Gilly?

    Favourite (not necessarily best) five bass players............

    Geddy Lee - Rush Just ridiculous at what he does, his playing style has changed hugely over the years but he'll always be integral to why I picked up a bass in the first place. Nolly Getgood - Periphery Ryan Martinie - Mudvayne Has so much style, love his playing style and energy and really...
  18. Gilly?

    Stickied The Last Film You Saw Thread (& Discussion)

    Literally one of the worst films ever made!
  19. Gilly?

    The Boxing Thread

    Khan did alright didn't he.
  20. Gilly?

    Laughably Shit Television.

    To me it's in that catagory where it's so bad that it's good.