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  1. CestrianHawk

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    We've signed Dominic Smalley from Ashton United (full-back apparently). Not familiar with any of the new signings so far (excluding ex youth teamers), so the pre-season will be interesting.
  2. CestrianHawk

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Thanks for comment on the player. Not sure our fans are expecting immediate promotion though, just some stability as we get ourselves back on track. We're essentially in re-build mode on a (very) modest budget.
  3. CestrianHawk

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Signed Grant Shelton (GK) and Steve Howson today. Two more of the managers' old favourites I guess. Any comments on them (from those who have seen them play :happy:), as I don't recognise either name.
  4. CestrianHawk

    2018-19 National League North

    What was the problem with him? As BlueandWhite said, we had him a few seasons back when he looked very quick and dangerous, and seemed destined for better things.
  5. CestrianHawk

    Chester next to go?

    I doubt anybody considers sponsorship (ie paid for advertising) as bankrolling. Any money we get will be invested in infrastructure. Fans who expect an increase in the playing budget are going to be disappointed.
  6. CestrianHawk

    Chester next to go?

    Yup. The playing budget will be increased from 250K to 255K. Instant return here we come. :ffs::bg:
  7. CestrianHawk

    Chester next to go?

    Hopefully it will re-establish some stability, even if the on-field success isn't great next season.
  8. CestrianHawk

    Sack Race - We have a winner!

    It was announced a while back that his contract wasn't going to be extended after the end of the season, and so I presume we'll be paying him till then. Bignot's behaved with great dignity since the announcement and didn't deserve this pointless treatment.
  9. CestrianHawk

    Match Day National League Fixtures 10/04/2018

    You were warned when you signed them. :bg:
  10. CestrianHawk

    National League Play-off Thread 2017/18

    Thankyou, it's appreciated. I've enjoyed the renewal of some of the old Cheshire derby games. They obviously never had quite the same intensity as the W****** derby, but it's always good to renew these old rivalries.
  11. CestrianHawk

    National League Play-off Thread 2017/18

    Obviously not if you think Cook was 3 yds away from Astles. :ffs:
  12. CestrianHawk

    National League Play-off Thread 2017/18

    In other words you had exactly the same viewing angle as the camera, as it was directly behind you. Out of interest, were you viewing the official film footage? ... as there is no sign of any raised arms on that footage. He was moving directly towards the ball and was close to it, which is what...
  13. CestrianHawk

    National League Play-off Thread 2017/18

    Nope. Just watched highlights again ... no raised arms, which is immaterial as he was heading straight on the line of the ball and interfering with the play. :)
  14. CestrianHawk

    National League Play-off Thread 2017/18

    It was Cook coming from an offside position and interfering with the play, that was the offside call. Norwood clearly wasn't offside himself.
  15. CestrianHawk

    National League Fixtures - 7/4/2018

    What a sad attitude. It'll effectively be a home game for you tomorrow, as you'll outnumber the home support by a factor of 2-3. Frankly, we're resigned to Conf North and have been for some time. Whilst having enjoyed being in the same league again as Tranmere (just like the old days), your...
  16. CestrianHawk

    National League - Predict the League

    That was the view of most of the fanbase... until hindsight kicked in, and they all now claim they knew it would turn out badly.
  17. CestrianHawk

    Stadium Development News

    So, it's in the middle of a housing estate with no car park. They'll be able to advertise the top-floor flats as having 'free view football'. :bg:
  18. CestrianHawk

    National League 2017-18

    We are ditching Bignot at the end of this season, it's been announced. His post-match interview after Friday's embarassing display suggested he knew this already. Onward to the Conf North. Hopefully it can't be as woeful and depressing as this season,
  19. CestrianHawk

    Match Day National List fixtures 24/03/2018

    We're trying to keep their goal difference down :ffs:
  20. CestrianHawk

    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    It means management has given up any hope of avoiding relegation. Saves some money this season but he's on a two year contract.