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    Ref suspended.

    I propose we liven things up by varying the basis for deciding kick-offs for each home ground. Obviously, shin kicking would be a popular option. Carlisle could use a spot of Cumberland Wrestling, Grimsby could go with Fish-slapping and Bury have Black Pudding Throw. I'd considered...
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    European Union Referendum

    Cnutish bufoon, Boris Johnson: "For the first time in a thousand years this place [parliament] will have no say in the laws that govern this country." 1,000 years ago, not only was there no Parliament, not only is "Parliament" a word introduced by Francophones who conquered England, not only...
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    FA Cup 2018/19

    Just back. Walking football describes us perfectly. We didn't really earn the goals we got - just lumped forward to lumps trying to bully a tiring defence. No chance I'll be making the effort to get to Boundary Park for my first visit next weekend (probably??). Saving ourselves for the...
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    What are you listening to right now?

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    Play God for the day

    Well they are a major food source for dragonflies, all sorts of fish that we like eating (trout and salmon) and birds as varied as swifts/swallows and young ducks/geese. I do hat the fuckers though. I'm always pleased to see a gecko or two in my hotel room when I'm on my travels
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    Play God for the day

    You are also consigning Sea Turtles to extinction as jellyfish are just about all they eat. Then there's the potential solution to world starvation - A young woman exclaims it's "surprisingly nice" while a Taiwanese lady tells me jellyfish is a common antipasto back home and she was curious...
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    Your biggest crowd at the Shay in recent years must have been Tonga v Italy - over 10,000 I think. I think Tonga had bigger support than we did for the play-off semi.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Former Cambridge City, United, Crawley and Exeter midfielder Josh Simpson has signed for City for the 3rd time.
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    FA Cup 2018/19

    I'll be taking in City at home tomorrow (Josh Simpson should be making his 3rd debut for them) before heading up to Wharfedale on Sunday. We have games Sunday/Tuesday/Saturday so would like to see us qualify unscathed and with something in reserve. However that's not the U's way. At least...
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    Caption Contest

    Fans of all ages are traumatised (apart from Scouse Gran who recognises her own tattooed arse) when Sky "accidentally" play sex tape in pre-match Tribute to Wayne Rooney.
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    Ian Miller Memorial Stalemate - U's v Mariners

    The first half was the anticipated stalemate and was dire. Second half was better. Plenty of mistakes and missed passes but David Amoo must be one of the best wingers in L2 - for the 20-30 minutes he can deliver at the end of a match and provided someone is capable of getting on the end of...
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2018/2019

    Franck Moussa has ended his trial with us - not necessarily a reflection on his fitness, we just don't need another midfielder and never did, at least not without moving some on. Cody McDonald is still training with us and expected in next week - with a decision on a contract imminent but...
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    Ian Miller Memorial Stalemate - U's v Mariners

    With both teams keen to continue their recent climb away from the relegation places, this one has score draw written all over it. Grimsby don't score much on the road and after a couple of clean sheets we're overdue a blooper so 1 - 1 in front of a decent crowd. I'm not aware of any special...
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    Play God for the day

    Nope. I'm all for diversity - so, for me, even the following serves a purpose.