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New Profile Posts

  1. KevinMcallister
    I now support Derby County, fuck Bristol city and Leeds
  2. Rammy
    I see that Bristol City's form has dipped pretty much as soon as Kev started 'supporting' them...
    1. KevinMcallister likes this.
    2. KevinMcallister
      yes I am cursed
      Feb 19, 2018 at 2:52 PM
  3. KevinMcallister
    I now support Bristol City, please don't mention Leeds to me, We all H8 Lids scum
  4. KevinMcallister
    Breaking:I managed to escape Marv & Harry using elaborate homemade traps im hiding until the cops come or an old man with a shovel
  5. Rammy
    BREAKING: Kevin Mcallister is alive and relatively well. More to follow...
  6. Richard Cranium
    Break a leg Coutinho.
  8. Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi
    Welcome Coutinho!
  9. Andy Proctor
    Andy Proctor JJ1532
    What a surprise a prick face Crewe fan bans me. Guess what I don't want be on your fucking site so shove it up your arse nobody cares how I feel do you can all fuck off.
    1. Ernesto likes this.
  10. KevinMcallister
    I will cut you ,,, meet me Xena keyboard warrior princess
  11. KevinMcallister
  12. KevinMcallister
    Stephen King will write a novel about me soon
    1. Stevencc
      He already has, mate - it's called "Desperation".
      Jan 18, 2018
      KevinMcallister likes this.
  13. Touchh
    I'll be spending 3 weeks in Europe and would love to find some football fans to catch a game or two with while I'm in england!
  14. KevinMcallister
    I will raise a few tequilas for our savour Ian tonight, all he wanted was to get people Nintendos in time for xmas and has sadly passed away
    1. Ernesto likes this.
  15. Ernesto
    where's the ps4? #ps4gate
  16. G-Dragon
    United fans...where art thou?
  17. KevinMcallister
    Ian has died
    1. Dave likes this.
  18. KevinMcallister
    wear is my Nintendo?
  19. Etty Abrics
    Etty Abrics
    Where Nintendo
    1. Stevencc likes this.
  20. KevinMcallister
  21. Primate
    Primate Abertawe
    Believe in yourself. You can be a forum mogul.
  22. The Paranoid Pineapple
    The Paranoid Pineapple
    can't move for nintendos round 'ere
  23. KevinMcallister
    York has plenty of Nintendos in stock
  24. Abertawe
    Abertawe TractorBoys
    How about me n you, best of five game of pool for ownership of the forum?
    1. TractorBoys likes this.
    2. TractorBoys
      I wouldn't want to give you false hope.
      Nov 27, 2017
    3. Abertawe
      Thanks. It's the false hope that kills.
      Nov 27, 2017
  25. Posh Hammer
    Posh Hammer
    New Round of Sheep has begun. Head to General Chat for the first set of questions.
  26. KevinMcallister
    wear Nintendo?
  27. Tivvyultras
    STILL grieving
  28. Vanni
    Vanni Carver
    You being a religious person an all should know that 'shagging yer missus' is a sin in the eyes of our Saviour, the Good Lord Jesus Christ.
    1. Carver
      Well if society was not so apathetic on lust then maybe I would not be so controlled by it.
      Nov 23, 2017
  29. Tivvyultras
    were's the Nintendo
  30. KevinMcallister