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    League Cup 3rd round match thread all in one place

    That was the only comfort from last night was the crowd Macc should get around £90 -£100 grand last night. Gate wise we could have lost at Blackpool in front of a 2000 crowd Whether it will go to the club or elsewhere is another matter
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    Macclesfield vs Lincoln

    Thre is no cash at the turnstiles but tickets can be bought at the away ticket office
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    The MTFC derby - Macc vs Mansfield

    About 6 pubs within a few minutes walk of the station ,Waters Green Tavern has a choice of real ale I believe, and Nags Head live music but possibly starts a bit after 8. On way to ground there is The Macc and if you turn left at the next set of lights Railway View
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    Midweek games (Tuesday 21st)

    From what I've seen so far this season, you'll have no problem .
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    Latics vs Macc

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    The New Highlights on Quest

    I agree with a lot of comments, particularly about how much time is taken up by the opinion of an ex player. I don't agree with the previous poster about Sky televising L1 and L2 , I would imagine that if they didn't have this facility they wouldn't put any cash into the clubs in those divisions...
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    Stickied League 2 Transfer Rumours/Confirmed Transfers 2018/2019

    Macc have signed 22 year old centre half Fiacre Kelleher on loan from Oxford United ,don't know much about him but Mark Yates does and that is what matters.
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    Macc have said we will be having a programme, whether we have a manager or team is another matter.
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    Pre season friendly thread

    Macc have announced a friendly at home to Burnley 20 July, pleased with this.
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    National League Fixtures - 21/4/2018

    I suppose that Accrington Stanley could defeat the budget argument. I remember the last time we got promoted to the Football League thinking that if we finished third from bottom it would be an achievement, we got promoted again, so who knows?
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    National League Fixtures - 14/4/2018

    There's away standing and seating, nearly always just open the seating unless the demand exceeds capacity in the seating. Not sure of the away seating capacity though, Chester brought 200 plus and both were opened.
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    National League Fixtures - 7/4/2018

    Please have a look at the free kick awarded for the second goal and tell me who you think it should have gone to.
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    Bt games

    Plenty of pubs to you while away the time within 2 minutes of the station, you could also visit the silk museum :bg: allow 25/30 minutes to walk to the ground, taxi rank outside station if you are delayed.
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    Bt games

    Another northern team , Macc V Leyton Orient 12.30 , 14 April.
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    Match Day National List fixtures 24/03/2018

    Well they've managed to pull one back
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 17/03/2018

    Don't think so , I thought that the loan market and transfer window closed in January in the football league, and only free agents could be signed.
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    Match Day National League Fixtures 13/03/18

    Boss if it happens they'll appear from everywhere, under stones, the woodwork you name it they'll be there to share the moment of glory (mind you as long as they pay it's more money for the club.)
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    Match Day National League Fixtures10-11/03/2018

    Yes Wednesday,which, gives us a days extra rest after Dover and no game to worry about on the following Saturday.
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    Match Day National League Fixtures10-11/03/2018

    I thought the Maidstone game had been rearranged for 21 March, the Borehamwood game 10 April which leaves the Gateshead game