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  1. LongEatonPie

    The Notts County 'Massiz' (Bantz 'N Debate)

    I'm setting this up now, with hopefully, mods approval. Us Notts like to talk and unfortunately some other teams fans also like to join in. I think, to avoid the main forum getting messy we should have our own?
  2. LongEatonPie

    Macc ( v Cambridge) V (Swindon v) Notts - #MotoStain final

    Here it is boys. Unfortunately can't include Yeovil in this mega thread. I do not have a bit of hope that we will survive which I think is a good thing. Expect the worst and all that. Let's have both teams games in this one thread that will be consigned to the history books as "The date...
  3. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Grimsby (Do or Die for the Magpies)

    Last season Grimsby saved themselves from the drop with a win against Notts. The shoe is most definitely on the other foot this season. Even IF Notts escape with 3 points we are relying on both Macc and Yeovil losing. If Macc get anything Saturday we are all but down as our GD is far worse as...
  4. LongEatonPie

    Notts v MK (Good/Bad Friday)

    If Notts fail to win here and Monday and results go against us we could be down come 5pm on Monday. So just the small matter of MK on Friday, Notts who have played poorly at home for a good couple of months, not quite all season. Duffy seems to be out but we will have both keepers back. We have...
  5. LongEatonPie

    Stevenage v Notts <Insert Pun/How important the match is here>

    I wasn't going to bother with a match thread for this one but I can't find one for Stevenage since before January, so thought they ought to have one! Last time we won at Stevenage was in 15/16 right at the start of the season. Since then we have drew 2 others but lost 3-0 in 16/17 Earlier in...
  6. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Exeter (Time is running out)

    Notts, if it wasn't obvious are now in must win territory and not only that we have string a few together to be in with any chance of avoiding the drop. Undefeated in 2 but worryingly we have only scored 5 goals in the last 7 and three of those came at Carlisle. Exeter have been in the mix...
  7. LongEatonPie

    Hello Non-League!

    Barring winning at least 8 of our remaining 17 we will be down here for the first time since the Football League was invented. Its going to be a right pain getting the title off our stands! We know this is a tough league so we could be here for a while. Few others have started such threads...
  8. LongEatonPie

    Grimsby v Notts

    So after last weekends win against Tranmere we move to another game that has parrallels with that fixture from similar eras late. 80s and 90s But you have to go back to 2010 for the last Notts win which doesn't bode well for a side trying to get back to form. We could start how we did against...
  9. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Tranmere (The season starts here?)

    Always look fondly on this fixture after our playoff exploits a long long time ago. Proper football match! There is potential that the other 3 in the bottom 4 could all pick up wins on Saturday so we have to get the points. To do that Ardley needs to sort out both sides of defence work more...
  10. LongEatonPie

    Failed v Clownty (Mansfield v Notts) "Play down" thread

    Early kick off due to Notts police hating Mansfield. So much so they wanted to palm them off to Yorkshire! (Jk) Anyway putting this up now so Spanish can excite himself for a full week. Ardley first game after the pointless (unless you win) Checkwhyyouratthisgame trophy at Sunderland. I...
  11. LongEatonPie

    Morecambe v Notts (Stags overflow thread)

    Who ever is in charge on Saturday they have one hell of a job on their hands. Notts are a side with zero confidence individually and as a team and we are up against an in form Morecambe. If Chettle is still in charge (by all accounts the new man will be announced Thursday) God help us, when we...
  12. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Cheltenham (Relegation 6 pointer (minus Kewell))

    I know their is a Premier B league fixture on Wednesday but I am eager to skip past that on to this. Yes I am bored, had the day off work and just finished some out off DIY so feel like typing some rubbish on a forum. Some may say it's far to early to talk about relegation 6 pointers but I...
  13. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Crewe

    Almost a local one but with the rubbish signal upgrades going off between Derby and Nottingham on the rail not sure how easy this trip will be for Crewe. There have been signs of improvement in the last 2 games, a point against Stevenage after leading 3 times and another point at Northampton...
  14. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Stevenage.

    If we fail to win this one I think I might just get the relegation thread up and running. We have 7 injured a defence like a sieve and a powder puff midfield. We do look like scoring but it’s hard when the strikers are having to help the keeper! Have to win, simple as!
  15. LongEatonPie

    Notts v FGR

    With a decent amount of posters for both sides I think we can justify our own thread. Firstly there is a risk of Notts Manager situation spreading onto many threads so it’d be nice to avoid that in this one too. So now we can say what formation we want and include loan players as well so I...
  16. LongEatonPie

    Notts County v Colchester United (4/8/18)

    I don’t think there is any harm getting this up now, we are only 8.5 days away from the start of the season. Notts have pretty much completed their transfer dealings, most of which was done early in with a new look front 2, a better looking wing and a couple of great additions to defence. Maybe...
  17. LongEatonPie

    Notts 1-4 Coventry+Officials - Play Off Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    So the last 90 minutes (or maybe more) at Meadow Lane this season. Apart from a blip when Nolan decided to change our formation we are very good at home. As far as I can tell Forte should be fit to play and I hope we start with Shola with him. The rest of the side should be the same IMO...
  18. LongEatonPie

    Coventry v Notts - Play Off Semi-Final 1st Leg

    Not sure whether to have two threads for both legs but can easily just use one. Anyway may as well get this under way nice and early. Shame about the 7:30pm KO but I still think we will take almost the full allocation. Its quite simple for Notts, we must not concede many. we can probably turn...
  19. LongEatonPie

    Grimsby v Notts

    No two ways about it we have to win anything less and we have no chance of 3rd. Yes mathematically it is possible but we said before the Yeovil game we needed to win all 3. In my mind nothing’s changed we need to beat Grimsby and Luton. We have picked up form and we are looking like the side...
  20. LongEatonPie

    Notts v Coventry - Last chance saloon

    ..... no not for the top three, this is for the play offs. Defeat here for either side could see them fall out of the POs with games running out. Coventry had a bit of form built up until they got star struck with Yeovil coming to town. Notts on the other hand are so far from form the colour...