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  1. Ciderup

    Welcome new boys

    Welcome back Barnsley and welcome to the Championship Luton town. Well done on your promotions.
  2. Ciderup

    Championship players out of contract this summer

    This was in our local rag so I don't know if it's accurate but there are a few on there that might be worth looking at. Taken from our forum. Any you fancy? Aston Villa Mark Bunn (GK) Tommy Elphick (CB) Andre Green (LW) Alan Hutton (RB) Mile Jedinak (DM) Glenn Whelan (DM) Birmingham City...
  3. Ciderup

    Bristol city v Swansea (Lee Trundle 'derby')

    Not really a derby and both clubs have no time at all for the 'orrible blue (sometimes red) lot in between yet, given our mutual disdain for Cardiff and admiration of Lee Trundle, there's no love lost between City and the Jacks even though there's 80 miles and a dirty great river between us...
  4. Ciderup

    Sky predictions 18/19

    Personally, I think this is a load of crap but here are their predictions. No way will we finish 7th.
  5. Ciderup

    Welcome back Millers

    All 3 relegated sides have come back up then. I'm not sure if that says the Championship is good or that L1 is crap but it does point to a difference in standards. Well done Rotherham, deserved it today. :2thumb: Does that mean the return of SERNWA?
  6. Ciderup

    Fulham / Villa PO final predictions

    What do we reckon people? My head is saying Fulham but Villa have a few players that have been there and done it so I'm really not sure. While the football purist in me says Fulham should win, I've a feeling that Villa will nick this! Post your predictions with your name and see who (like me...
  7. Ciderup

    Parachute payments - When they end

    Hi all, There's a discussion on our club forum about finances with some supporters (unbelievably) wanting our minted owner to throw huge money at the playing staff, a bad idea for me. It's made me think about parachute payments and when they end for Villa, Sunderland and Boro? What do the likes...
  8. Ciderup

    Bradley Lowery R.I.P.

    I've never known anything unite football like this little man and I'm really upset that this has reached its' inevitable conclusion. R.I.P little Bradley, sleep well with the angels. Condolences to the family, his friends and all at Sunderland AFC. So, so sad.
  9. Ciderup

    Record fees outside Parachute payments

    I know there aren't many clubs in this division nowadays that haven't been in the Prem and haven't had the cash to spend big but we're just about (supposedly) to absolutely shatter our record fee paid and wondered what the comparison is? Our current record is £2.1M but we're supposedly...
  10. Ciderup

    Car advice

    Just about to change my car after years with a company motor. I bought a stop gap (2010 pug 407sw) but now want something better but haven't really got a clue about buying cars. The Mrs wants an SUV and we don't really need a big car anymore as my eldest is starting lessons himself soon...
  11. Ciderup

    Manager of the season

    Now we all know where we have finished, play offs aside, who would you say is the Championship Manager of the season? I'm torn between 2 in all honesty although honorable mentions to Hughton at Brighton, Grayson at PNE, Gary Monk at Leeds and Dean Smith at Brentford. Wagner at Huddersfield has...
  12. Ciderup


    What are we gonna do for 3 bastard months with no football? I'm gonna have to do all the crap jobs around the house that I've been promising the Mrs I would do if you don't give me some ideas! HELP!!!! :eyes:
  13. Ciderup

    Survival Sunday. BCFC v BCFC / Tammy day

    No offence Blues but you sent us down a few years ago and we haven't forgotten it. While it won't matter, probably, we really want to beat you. Cotts will get a deserved, marvellous ovation from us reds but we won't let our team go into 'beach' mode. You're in for a tough game but I think we'll...
  14. Ciderup

    Match Day PNE v what used to be a decent football club (BCFC)

    I suppose we had better have a thread for us to moan in afterwards. PNE are decent, we're shit because our head coach is a useless chancer who must have a video of our owner doing something very dodgy as he's still in the job. A very, very easy home win. 3 or 4 - 1. Johnson will blame everyone...
  15. Ciderup

    Match Day Bristol City v Norwich City.

    Why don't we save our visitors the journey and just give them the 3 points? Somehow, the fucking idiot still survives, I have no idea why so we'll fuck it up as we always do due to our manager having the tactical nouse of a blancmange! 0-3 if Norwich decide they need to break sweat, if they have...
  16. Ciderup

    Match Day Bristol City v Burton Albion

    A real dilemma here. We, well the vast majority, want Johnson out and the consensus is lose this and he's gone, not that I believe it. Lose this, he's probably gone, draw, maybe he's gone, win and he stays. Lose this and we are in deep shit but could we improve under someone else in time to...
  17. Ciderup

    Chris Wilder- Rumour

    Hi Blades supporters, There are a few rumours that Chris Wilder has been offered the job at the Gate even though the bewildered one is still in situ at our place. The rumour is that Wilder turned it down as he wanted to get 'his club' back up. I gather he's a boyhood Blade. Anyone heard similar? Ta.
  18. Ciderup

    Match Day Severnside 'derby' II

    Yes, I know we only have 1 real derby as do our visitors from across the bridges but I'm old enough to remember when games against Cardiff were total war zones and a time when City and Rovers fans stood side by side to repel them at Eastville ( a very long time ago) so this game matters. Add in...
  19. Ciderup

    Previous posters teams chances

    I saw this on another forum and thought it was of interest. I know there are fookin' loads of us but we can only hope this doesn't turn in to a City thread, if it does, please delete it. Whoever posts before you (ie the next post IS about my team as I bloody started it) tells us what they think...
  20. Ciderup

    Info / prediction

    Nicked from downstairs: Team Name: Bristol City F.C. Ground and capacity: Ashton Gate, 27,000, at last! 2,700 away capacity I believe but don't know yet. New signings: Lee Tomlin (~£3M, Bournemouth), Hordor Magnusson (£3M, Juventus), Callum O'Dowda (~£1.5M, Oxford), Gary O'Neill (free, Norwich)...